The solution for wooden structure

The acoustic underlay for wooden structures

insulWood is the ideal insulation to soundproof lightweight and timber floors against impact and airborne noises in a building. Light structures demand specific materials; thus the chosen layers of the underlay were selected to perform and to behave in accordance to the mass-spring-mass effect even with a lightweight floating floor. insulWood both suits to new construction and renovation. It brings an extremely satisfying acoustic performance that other so thin materials could not supply.

insulWood is a thin and efficient solution that avoids increasing too much the floor thickness. It can be applied to existing wooden flooring or new OSB.

how to soundproof wooden floor with insulWood the thin accoustic underlay for lightweigth floors

HD foam + felt: a revolutionary acoustic underlay

insulWood is made of a high-density polyethylene film laminated onto an acoustic foam made of a physically reticulated polyolefin foam with closed micro-cells, which has been assembled on a resilient acoustic felt. The overlapping junction provides airtightness, which contributes to reducing airborne noise.


  • High performance against impact noise.
  • Better airborne noise insulation through the mass-spring-mass principle.
  • High density film with a lateral, waterproof and adhesive joint to reduce airborne noise.
  • Thin, integrated overlap (± 5 cm), no square metre loss.
  • Thin, ≥ 7 mm only.
  • Sold in rolls for a quick and easy installation.
  • Easy to lay alongside the walls, thus preventing lateral acoustic transmissions.
  • Very smooth and resistant structure. During the installation, it is easy to glide the panels on the underlay.
insulWood at the junction, thin acoustic underlay for wooden floors
  • BBRI
  • VOC



HDPE film, acoustic polyolefin,
acoustic polyester felt


≥ 7 mm (under 500 Pa)


Black (HDPE film) / Grey (foam) / Black (felt)

Dynamic stiffness:

st = 5 MN/m³ (EN 29052-1)

Mechanical resistance:

425 / 630 kPa


±15 % under 2 kPa (10% tolerance)


140 %

Roll size:

20 m x 1 m


±650 g/m²


Flat adhesive overlap (±5 cm)

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