Deep inside our internal laboratory


Quality plan

Since 2017, insulco has equipped itself with an internal laboratory that ensures the research and development process as well as the quality control in production. Each test process follows its protocol established on norms and reference standards. Thus the laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices, the calibrations of which are regularly controlled following the manufacturer standards.

Creeping benches

Our underlays are designed to stand. We test their behavior under load to assess the deformation by the time. Our materials must maintain their properties throughout all their period of use. A low creep gives the assurance the performance is maintained over the long term.

Frequent measurements over long periods (± 2 years)allow extrapolating the creep for several tens of years, according to standardized models (NF EN 1606). These measurements also provide the pledge of security against subsidence of the floor.

Dynamic stiffness

Dynamic stiffness tests measure the mechanical properties of the components and reveal their insulation performance. This test assesses the absorption capacity of the sound waves by the insulit underlays. The aim is to find the right assembly of components that will be efficient over the entire range of human hearing.


Mechanical behavior

The underlays are placed under heavy loads to determine their resistance. We perform a puncture resistance test on each batch to ensure their structural strength under points loads. We also test the thickness variations simulating several loads in order to measure the effective thickness and its recovery capacity with the load left (transport, storage, etc.).


Stress test

Offering a product that withstands the constraints of installation, the construction site, or even transport is crucial. Many tear or puncture resistance tests are carried out to be certain the material cannot be damaged during the installation, which would subsequently, lead to a reduction of the acoustic performance.


Production monitoring

The production manager constantly checks the manufacturing process to hold on to an optimal level of quality. He analyses each batch into the laboratory to make sure it meets our high-quality requirements.

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