dB Strip 3+

Acoustic strip for partition-walls

Resilient strip with pyramidal structure for partition-walls

dB Strip 3+ is a physically reticulated PE foam acoustic strip with a pyramidal structure on one side and a proctected auto adhesive surface on the other side. This resilient strip was specifically studied to enhance the acoustic performances of partition walls, in accordance with the mass spring mass effect. Our dB Strip bands are inexpensive and easy to use.

dB Strip 3+ allows for light partition walls to achieve comparable acoustic results than much more expensive solutions. dB Strip 3+ was tested by the BBRI (Buildwise) laboratory in different settings.


Decoupling a light partition-wall

Setting 1 :

Stick the acoustic dB Strip 4+ or dB Strip 3+ bands on the exterior side of the metal profiles coming on the counter walls, the ceilings, and the floor. Once the partition structure is done, stick the dB Strip 3+ bands on the side of the horizontal and after vertical profiles where the plaster panels are coming. Afterwards, screw the plaster panels (12.5 mm) on the insulated profiles and forecast a bond every 25 cm at 1 cm from the edge of the board with a specific self-boring screw for plasterboards.
It is mandatory to use a depth gauge and to adapt the screwing speed on the driver-drill to avoid compressing too much the acoustic strips and to be sure to maintain their spring effect.

Setting 2 :

To enhance even more the performances, stick horizontally a dB Strip 3+ band on the plaster panels on the top and bottom parts of the partition wall. After, stick vertically every 30 cm the acoustic band. Finally, carefully apply the plaster panels (12.5 mm) on the vertical acoustic bands at every junction.


  • Self adhesive
  • Multifunctional
  • Pyramidal structure
  • Mass-Spring-Mass effect


30 m x 50 mm

≥3,5 mm

Self adhesive
on one side

12 units

12 boxes of 12 units

Datasheet dB Strip 3+ & 4+ Read online Download