insulSound Ultra+

Reduces the parquet floorings’ resonance 20 dB

Our acoustic underlay designed to reduce the sound of floating parquet floorings or laminates

InsulSound Ultra+ is a new and revolutionary high-performance acoustic underlay for laminates or semi-solid floating parquet floorings.

insulSound Ultra+ is made of a 2 mm thick physically crosslinked polyolefin foam with closed micro cells covered with an untearable and waterproof HDPE film.

InsulSound Ultra+ very effectively reduces impact noise between floors, but it also reduces the reflected walking sound in the room where the sound is emitted.

InsulSound Ultra+ is very easy to install thanks to its smooth, tear-proof HDPE film on the top of the product. A perfectly flat and self-adhesive covering system ensures that the joints are held together tightly and securely. Being waterproof, the insulSound Ultra+ acoustic underlay also provides a good moisture protection for your parquet.


  • Reduced reflected walking sounds
  • Reduces the impact noise transmission between floors
  • Highly resistant, untearable
  • Integrated auto-adhesive overlap
  • Protects the parquet against humidity
  • Resistant against perforations, withstands punctual loads
  • Made for click systems
  • Compatible with floor heating systems



High density polyethylene foam + watertight PE film


±2 mm

Flat overlaps included

Acoustic insulation:

Δ Lw 20 dB

Reduction of walking sound :

up to 30% in the room where the sound is emitted

Thermal resistance:

0,048 m²K/m

Fire resistance:

Efl class


black (film) & grey (foam)


± 475 g/m²

Roll size:

15 m x 1 m (+5cm self adhesive strip)


20 rolls = 300 m²

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