insulit LVT

Acoustic underlay for LVT 18 dB

High-performance acoustic underlay

insulit LVT 1.0 is a thin acoustic underlay for a rigid or flexible LVT flooring with click systems. It meets the highest requirements of the association dedicated to multi-layer and modular floor coverings, the MMFA (*Multi-layer Modular Flooring Association). This underlay will allow to keep all the qualities of your LVT floor while reducing the transmission of impact noise between floor levels and while reducing footstep sounds in the area where the underlay is installed.

Reduces impact and walking sounds under vinyl flooring

insulit LVT 1.0 is made of a very high density polyolefin foam with closed micro cells. It is produced without CFCs or HCFCs and contains no harmful substance.


  • Excellent performance against impact noises
  • Reduces walking sounds
  • Available in rolls, ensuring an easy and fast installation
  • Resistant against perforations, withstands punctual loads
  • Made for click systems
  • Flattens out small floor unevennesses
  • Compatible with floor heating installations
  • Thermal insulation properties


Material :
High Density polyolefin

Thickness :

± 1 mm (Tolerance 10%)

Acoustic insulation :

∆Lw 18 dB

Walking sound reduction :
up to 40% inside the room where the sound is emitted

R value :

0,016 m²K/m

Reaction to fire :

Classe Efl

Roll size :
15 m x 1 m

Pallet :

35 rolls = 525 m²

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