Lfoam 18

Self-adhesive perimeter strip

Self-adhesive perimeter strip – acoustic and thermal joint

Lfoam 18 is a perimeter strip with a pyramidal structure. It is dedicated to acoustic and/or thermal underlays from the insulit range under a floating screed. The strip avoids any lateral contact between the screed and the building.

Lfoam 18 is placed at a right angle, at the junction between the underlay horizontally unrolled and the wall. The strip easily bends to ease the installation, half of the surface glues to the underlay. When cutting, the vertical part does not stick to the wall, it is easily removed.

Usable with the following underlay's :


  • 50% of adhesive area : sticks on the underlay, doesn’t glue to the wall !
  • Acoustic & thermal
  • Very easy to cut
  • In roll, easy & quick installation
  • Pyramidal structure : easy folding



±5 mm


50 m


18 cm

With glue on half of the surface
(with protective cover paper)


physically crosslinked PE foam with a unique pyramidal structure

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