dB Strip 4+

Acoustic strip for wooden structures

High performances resilient strip for wooden floors

dB Strip 4+ is a physically reticulated PE foam acoustic strip with a pyramidal structure on one side and a proctected auto adhesive surface on the other side.
This resilient strip was specifically studied to enhance the acoustic performances of wooden floors and partition walls, in accordance with the mass spring mass effect. Our dB Strip bands are inexpensive and easy to use.

Thanks to its width, thickness and high density, dB strip 4+ is designed to uncouple wooden floors or the frames of partition walls.


Decoupling a wooden floor

The laying of the acoustic dB Strip 4+ band allows to reduce the step noises between floors and mainly the creaking of wooden panels on the joists. dB Strip 4+ is specifically developed to resist against normal constraints of wooden floors. An efficient and inexpensive solution for a superior acoustic comfort. Remove the protective film and stick the dB Strip 4+ resilient band on the joists before laying the new floor.


  • Self adhesive
  • Multifunctional
  • Pyramidal structure
  • Mass-Spring-Mass effect


25m x 78mm

≥4,5 mm

Self adhesive
on one side

7 units

12 boxes of 7 units

Datasheet dB Strip 3+ & 4+ Read online Download