insulit 55+

The budget 5 mm underlay 22 - 24 dB

The cost-effective solution - NEW

insulit 55+ is an acoustic underlay which aims to reduce the impact sound transmission between the different floors of a building. This thin underlay has to be placed under a floating screed. Recent tests carried out by the BBRI in accordance with EN ISO 717-2 are proving the outstanding performances of the insulit 55+.

Placing a single layer of insulit 55+ offers a cheap and efficient solution against impact noise while a double layer of insulit 55+ improves acoustic performance and increases safety during installation. The single layer brings an acoustic reduction of 22 dB and 24 dB if the underlay is placed in a double layer. Read further on the tests and results in the datasheet.

The 5mm underlay with a unique pyramidal structure

insulit 55+ is made of a physically crosslinked polyolefin foam with closed microcells. The underlay’s ground-facing side is structured in a pyramidal shape to obtain a lower dynamic stiffness. insulit 55+ belongs to the “eco line” of our product assortment, which offers cost-friendly, widely renowned and highly qualitative solutions that have been developed by using state-of-the-art technologies.


  • Impact noise reduction
  • In rolls, quick and easy installation
  • Cost-friendly
  • Physically crosslinked polyolefin: guaranteed longevity
  • Closed microcells
  • Thin, light and flexible
  • Low dynamic stiffness: better acoustic performance
  • Low creep
  • Recent BBRI reports = guaranteed good results
5mm insulation roll for floating screed
5mm insulation roll for floating screed



± 5,5 mm (under 1,5 kPa)


Silver grey


Physically cross-linked polyolefin

Impact noise insulation:

Δ Lw = 22 dB – 24 dB – 26 dB* (see technical datasheet)


±150 g/m²

Dynamic stiffness:

st = 61 MN/m³ (1 layer) (EN 29052-1)
st = 39 MN/m³ (2 layers) (EN 29052-1)

Thermal resistance:
R = 0,15 m²K/W (1 layer)
R = 0,30 m²K/W (2 layers)


≤ 5 % under 2 kPa (tolerance ≤10%)


50 m x 1,10 m = 55 m²

Datasheet insulit 55+ Read online Download