insulTop 15

The thin thermal underlay for screeds

The thin and flexible thermal insulation underlay

insulTop 15 is the ideal solution if a lack of space prevents the use of a thicker, more traditional insulation solution. This thermal underlay fits perfectly under the screed on ground floor level. It can also be used above cellars, under industrial floors, inside walls…


Not enough space? Our thermal solution!

Despite a thickness of only 15 mm, the high insulation value of the polyolefin foam grants an excellent barrier against cold or rising damp. Furthermore, insulTop 15 is accompanied by an auto-adhesive strip in order to obtain a perfectly waterproof solution.


  • Ultra thin cold barrier
  • Blocks rising
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Waterproof, flexible and very resistant
  • Unalterable in the long run
  • Can be applied everywhere where space is crucial

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