The solution for wooden floorings

The acoustic underlay for wooden floorings

insulWood is a thin acoustic underlay for new constructions and renovations of wooden structures. This underlay has been designed to limit the transmission of impact and airborne noises between the different floors of a building.

HD foam + felt: a revolutionary acoustic underlay

insulWood is made of a high-density polyethylene film laminated onto an acoustic foam made of a physically reticulated polyolefin foam with closed micro-cells, which has been assembled on a resilient acoustic felt. The overlapping junction provides airtightness, which contributes to reducing airborne noise.


  • High performance against impact noise.
  • Better airborne noise insulation through the mass-spring-mass principle.
  • High density film with a lateral, waterproof and adhesive joint to reduce airborne noise.
  • Thin, integrated overlap (± 5 cm), no square metre loss.
  • Thin, ≥ 7 mm only.
  • Sold in rolls for a quick and easy installation.
  • Easy to lay alongside the walls, thus preventing lateral acoustic transmissions.
  • Very smooth and resistant structure. During the installation, it is easy to glide the panels on the underlay.



HDPE film, acoustic polyolefin,
acoustic polyester felt


≥ 7 mm (under 500 Pa)


Black (HDPE film) / Grey (foam) / Black (felt)

Dynamic stiffness:

st = 5 MN/m³ (EN 29052-1)

Mechanical resistance:

425 / 630 kPa


±15 % under 2 kPa (10% tolerance)


140 %

Roll size:

20 m x 1 m


±650 g/m²


Flat adhesive overlap (±5 cm)

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